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Hall of Fame

About the Athletic Hall of Fame and Application

RPS Athletics will annually recognize one or more distinguished alumni or friends of athletics and education to be inducted into the Richmond Public Schools High School Athletic Hall of Fame. The High School Athletic Hall of Fame Committee shall consider the following criteria in making the selection:

  • Be a graduate of Richmond Public Schools and have graduated from Richmond Public Schools at least ten (10) years prior to the nomination
  • Nominees may have served as an volunteer, athletic administrator, coach, or staff member who must have made a direct and significant impact on RPS Athletics for a minimum of 5 years. Individual nominees must have been retired at least 5 years prior to nomination
  • Have made significant contributions to his or her field and/or the community at-large, exhibit outstanding leadership, character and service to community
The Richmond Public Schools High School Athletic Hall of Fame will have nominees from all high schools. Applications are due each year by December 15th. 




Class of 2015





class of 2016


class of 2017




class of 2018




class of 2019





class of 2020




*due to covid-19; there was no class of 2021 selected




class of 2022



class of 2023