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Head Coach:  Cezar Carvalhaes



I started coaching during my first year teaching in Memphis, TN when I was 22. With the help of another first-year teacher (and former wrestler), we started the first ever wrestling program at our school from the ground-up. By our second season, we had our first state qualifier.  Upon moving to Richmond and working at Armstrong High School in 2014, I was asked to help coach our wrestling team alongside a new head coach. The following year, I took over as head coach, when the previous coach left to pursue a new career. Since then, we’ve had several wrestlers reach the state tournament, along with two state-placers in 2019.

Years of service to AHS: 8 (since 2014)


University of Richmond, Certificate (2018)

Full Stack Web Development

Western Michigan University, B.A. (2011)

Anthropology; Philosophy

 Sport(s) Coached: 


Personal Coaching Philosophy:

Our coaching philosophy is heavily focused on individualized and personal development. We see wrestling as a conduit for developing our bright young people into self-actualized, strong, empathetic and productive adults. When it comes to training, we understand that this is a brand new sport for most of our incoming athletes, so we start with building a strong foundation. From there we tailor development to the individual’s strengths and aptitudes, all the while focusing our attention on perfecting our most reliable, high-percentage moves and patterns.